Music lovers are always looking new artists and acts to listen to. Aside from enjoying the music of known and famous international artists, they also check out local acts that can offer something new to their ears.

If you are in Dubai for a vacation and wants to check out the music scene, be sure to book a seat to listen to these up and coming Dubai local acts:

  • Nowhere Birds


These Filipino duo is known for their unique music and composition. Jules Suarez and Mitchiko Bagayna started their group in Dubai back in 2015 and has been captivating a number of followers with their Indie folk music. Despite being a foreign act in Dubai, they are able to gain a following by constantly showcasing their talents and performing in open mic events. They are regular performers at The Sound Garden and Freshly Ground Sound.


  • Jay Abo


The Lebanese talent is slowly becoming the talk of the town. Jay Abo writes, compose and performs music that is based on his personal experiences. Although he being categorized in the jazz genre, he wants to improvise and use different genre of music to produce great music. People can catch Jay’s performance at The Gramercy, Jazz@Pizza Express, and lounges of Tribeca.


  • WYWY


Another Filipino acts that is conquering the Dubai scene is the WYWY. This group has been continuously performing in Dubai and Singapore. Their kind of music is new, their public is certainly loving it. They are more into Trip Hop and Dream Pop genre. You can catch them and their amazing music at The Sound Garden, Rise DCH, and Bad House Party.


  • Sebrina Riley


If you are looking for a unique Jamaican music, then try to listen to Sebrina Riley’s music.  Like Jay Abo, Sebrina creates music based on her personal experience and recollection of things she sees and heard. You can listen to her amazing music by visiting her regular gigs at Tribeca and The Deck on 8.


  • Carl and The Reda Mafia


Carl and The Reda Mafia is considered as one of the most popular rock bands in Dubai. This team is composed of talented artists from different nationalities. Apart from the growing popularity in the local Dubai music scene, they also achieved international fame when they are commissioned to write a song for the United Nations and became the opening act for Bon Jovi’s concert back in 2015.

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