Interesting things to do in Dubai

Though Dubai needs no introduction neither is it a place that you need to think twice before visiting, there are things you should know before planning your next Dubai trip. For instance, you should be aware of the fact that your first visit to the city is important, but will not let you enjoy if you don’t have a travel guide with you. From birthday party venue in Dubai to desert safari, you will experience it all here. That’s true, and many locals as well as foreigners will reiterate this point. So, once you are here in the city, start finding a travel guide so that none of your time go wasted on things you weren’t supposed to do here. Wait – what would those things be? Those could be:

  • Eating food on the streets
  • Spending money on staying seven star hotels when you don’t have enough
  • Take a limousine ride when you could afford a rental car at best
  • Take loan from someone to enjoy a helicopter ride
  • Visiting the city without hiring a guide

Hoteling and eating are two of the most desirable things to do during your Dubai tour. You would be left with a dismal feeling had you not eaten at your favorite cuisine at a five-star hotel. So, to make your trip count, avoid consuming roadside food and save that money to visit and buy the best cuisines in a five-star hotel.

Second point is valid, but most people forget it altogether. Worry not, as your guide will stop you from taking a room to stay at hotels like Burj Al Arab, one of the few seven star hotels in the world. This place is expensive with a capital “E”. You can take a Rolls Royce ride and even book a helicopter to take tour to the city. Do that only if you have enough money in the bank.

The third tip is about taking a ride before starting your tour. Of course, you can take a sedan or SUV if you like to ride in big cars, but renting a limousine would be a bit too expensive, and your guide will also tell you that. Why spend 100 when you get a better value by spending 50? That’s common sense and trust us, it counts when it matters. Ironically, not many people know this. 

You will enjoy your trip, and the VIP desert safari in Dubai if you keep it within the limits. Your guide is there to guide you, not to influence your decision to go for something so listen to him often, it will save you from making wrong choices.