Properties and living spaces are assets and investments you can use to profit, one of which is by renting it out to others. But getting tenants and reducing vacancy is easier said than done. In fact, landlords and property owners struggle to achieve full occupancy all year round.

But there are several ways to keep your prospects coming. If you are thinking of renting your space to others, here are some definite ways to get leads for your villas for rent in Muscat:


  1. Use your connection


If you intend to rent out your space to other people, you can first try it to the people you know the most – your inner circle. Be sure to inform your relatives and closest friends about your plan to rent your space. There might be some of them who are looking for a new apartment to rent. Some real estate experts say that renting out your property to people you know is much better since it would save you from doing background checks, which is important when renting out a space.


  1. Post on property listing sites


Some people think that property listing sites are no longer popular amongst potential buyers and renters. But the truth is, there are still a lot of prospective property buyers who are looking for living spaces on this sites. Include property listing sites to your property marketing strategy. Be sure to post a compelling copy along with the detailed description of your property’s features. Provide photos to attract more potential tenants.


  1. Use your social media accounts


Take advantage of your social media accounts and use them to spread the word. There are a lot of ways to advertise your property in social media. One is joining real estate and property groups. You can also create a page for your property and target potential renters to follow your page for updates.


  1. Try old school listings


Yes, you read it right. Old school listing still works. There is still a large group of people who uses print collaterals to advertise their properties. You can take advantage of this medium and post an ad on newspapers’ property listings.


  1. Invest in paid ads


If you are serious about putting your property off the listings, then you might consider getting into paid ads. A lot of property owners use paid platforms to spread the word. Paid property ads can help expand your reach in terms of promotion.

Read more about property listings here.

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