The best way to make your words feel empowered is through leading by example. This is exactly what a nutritionist Abu Dhabi does. Before counselling their clients on the benefits of healthy eating and diet plans in Dubai they make sure that they are following it themselves. And this is why to learn a page from their book, we have lined up a few healthy tips which everyone should be using:

  • Avoiding artificial sweeteners

There can never be enough research articles and evidences telling how artificial sugar is the most harmful ingredient that one could be consuming in their life. From having added preservatives in them to chemically induced sugar, everything which they contain is very harmful. So from now on when you order your usual coffee order, make sure that you think twice before asking for two sugar.

  • Microwave popcorns

Who doesn’t love to have a relaxing weekend binge series with a huge bag of popcorn on the sofa to curl up with? As much as you love it the same it is going to be harmful for your health. Nutritionists never put their faith in overly processed food because there are just too many preservatives in it to be trusted. If you rip open a bag of popcorn unmicrowaved, you will realize what you are putting into your stomach. Instead opt for homemade popcorn for a healthier substitute.

  • Stop getting fooled by reduced fat peanut butter

This is something very important that most people don’t know about. Sticking to full fat regular peanut butter is – dare we say – probably the healthier option than the reduced fat one. The reason behind this is that they both are equal in calories but the reduced one has a little less amount and this is why to enhance its taste, artificial sweeteners is used and we have read above what artificial sweeteners does to the body. In fact the natural fat present in peanut butter is actually healthy for the body. So keep on binging PB sandwiches.

  • Say no to frozen meals even if you feel like you will starve to death

Aren’t frozen meals your go to option for every little food cravings? Well, there is enough damage done and this is why you should stop this habit right away. Just like popcorn, they contain overly additives and preservatives to enhance the taste.