Any party or celebration would seem incomplete and empty if there is no cake sitting on the table, especially if that party is a birthday party. Birthdays are believed to be the most important day in a person’s life. It signifies the day when they came into this world. Birthdays are celebrated in a way that it can be remembered by the person throughout the year. Big parties are thrown with lots of colorful decorations and delicious meals enjoyed by the people.

However, the life of the party, after the birthday boy or the birthday girl is for sure the cake. Everybody tries to find a cake that is extremely beautiful, innovative and tastes amazing at the same time. They want people to remember the cake that they had at the party. That’s why many stores, bakers and pastry houses offer cake delivery in Dubai. Making birthday cake has developed into a separate field of mastery and people actually study full-fledged courses in order to excel in the business of birthday cake making.

At the most basic level, birthdays cakes are classifies according to the age of the people these cakes are made for. The size, the shape, the color, the flavor, the decoration all depend on the age of the birthday boy or the birthday girl. There are a lot of different and innovative options for birthday cake in Dubai. In this article we will tell you different ideas for birthday party cakes.

Chiffon cake

Chiffon cake is a combined version of a sponge cake and an oil based cake. The usage of oil instead of using butter gives this cake a beautiful volume. A lot of whipped egg whites and baking powder are also added to the cake which gives it a very light and airy texture.

Cheese cake

If you like a creamy gooey texture that instantly dissolves in your mouth then a cheese cake might be the perfect choice for you. A thick and rich layer of cream cheese over a foundation of hard biscuits is what makes this cake stand apart then the rest of the cakes.

Black forest cake

Black forest cake is a classic that is enjoyed by almost everyone. One can make it either single layer or double layer. It can also be made into multilayers as much as the customer wants. Each layer of rich dense chocolate sponge is topped with creamy chocolate icing.

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