For some car renters, they think that they are free from responsibility. But on the contrary, when you go for a Ferrari rental in Dubai, there are some responsibilities that comes with renting a luxury vehicles. Car rental companies are very serious about the maintenance of their vehicles which is why they always remind clients about the maintenance of their rented cars once they release them to their clients.


If you are think of renting vehicles in the future for whatever reason, a top luxury car rental in Dubai provided a list of maintenance tips that car renters need to follow:


  1. Take care of the exterior


One of the first things that people look when they are picking a vehicle to rent is the look of the car, which is why car renters are very cautious about the look the car once it is given back to them. When the car dealership noticed that there is something amiss about the exterior of the car, you will surely be charged with a specific amount, depending on how bad the damage is. So be sure to keep the exterior safe from scratches and other things that can make the car exterior look awful.


  1. Be cautious with your driving


The way you drive the vehicle can affect its engine and performance. If you are the kind of driver who is into speed driving, expect that the vehicle will have occasional breakdowns and other issues, especially if the car is not built for that purpose. You need to be careful with your driving to ensure that the rented vehicle is in very good condition and has no engine defect once you return it.


  1. Fill it up always


Some car renters are not very keen on paying attention to the level of gas on the vehicle when it is in their possession. But car experts say that letting the vehicle run on low level gas can do damage to its engine. Be sure to always fill it up with gas. Moreover, car rental companies prefer the vehicle to be returned in full tank. They usually charge client for disobeying this rule.


  1. Know the process in case of car breakdowns


In the event of car breakdown, do not just go and repair it yourself. Some car rental companies are in partnership with car repair shops that should be contacted in the event of a car breakdown. Be sure to take note of the contact details.



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